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The flags are stored in subdirectories of /rsc/flags/. Their filename is equal to the country part of the locale (characters 4-5); file extension is .gif .

I have the following set for my l10n in the "Locale:" field

  • en-PH

  • fil

  • fil-Tglg

  • [/list:u]

    Now the "Locale:" field, as per my testing, determines the lang="" value of the user, blog, and post.

    Here's the problem, the flag (as quoted) above relies on the "country part" of the value provided in the locale field. So,


  • en-PH - works just fine - the value is "PH" so the flag name is ph.gif

  • fil - won't work

  • fil-Tglg - also doesn't work, because it is 8 characters in length, and b2evo recognizes only 4-5 characters (as quoted above)

  • [/list:u]

    I can not make it "fil-PH" because that is illegal as far as the ISO, IANA, W3C, etc. are concerned. (And I don't want to rely on browsers to automatically drop the country code - as far as I've read, they have the right to ignore it if it is wrong.)

    For the "fil-Tglg", it will only require (I think) for the system to recognize more than 4-5 characters. (-Tglg is a script code not a country code, again, as dictated by ISO, IANA, W3C, etc. A fil-Tglg means - the Filipino language written in the Baybayin script.)

    Anyway, I'd like to suggest another way to input/call the flags. ^_^

    Maybe I'm just one, little, insignificant person using an insignificant language in the bigger picture, regardless still, I just want to go by the standards as much as I can and wherever possible. Make the cyberworld a better place for you and me :p

    Besides, aren't b2evo aiming for multi-language market? (Btw, I recently found out b2evo is popular in my country and our neighboring countries, but just like the rest of the b2evo users - they're all keeping to themselves!! That's a testament on the easy usage of b2evo - each to his own since it is working out-of-the-box :p )

    Maybe for 3.5.0 :p Flags are not that much of a use anyway, but still why put it there if no one will use it hehe.

    My suggestion: instead of /rsc/flags, use (example) /locales/en-PH/ph.gif


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