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Launchpad translation??

Started by on Jul 06, 2009 – Contents updated: Jul 06, 2009

Jul 06, 2009 11:45    

Are we using the b2evolution launchpad officially for translations?

If so, how do I upload a local translation there? :p The Filipino translation I created there is old
Untranslated: 3046

In my poedit: untranslated strings = 2800.

I wish to upload the local version to launchpad-b2evolution.


Do we really need to translate all the strings? There are many strings I encountered that I don't remember reading before :p fresh install or otherwise. Hehe..

Jul 06, 2009 14:30

Two heads are better than one. I'm stuck upgrading Russian translation to 3.x. I just don't know how to translate some words like excerpt, content teaser, slug, url filename, featured post and others. Seems like I don't know Russian good enough to find the equivalents :(

Back to the topic.
Go ahead with uploading the locale, so folks can add their 2 cents and fix a typo or provide a better translation.

Jul 06, 2009 15:22

¥åßßå wrote:

Might be worth looking up the english definition of those words [url=]OED[/url] ( fails misserably in my browser :( ) ... chances are it'll be a multi-word translation you're looking for ;)


Well, I do know what these words mean, but their multi-word translations sound stupid for me :)

Jul 06, 2009 15:59

You speak better english than russian? :O ... there is no hope for you ;)


Jul 06, 2009 16:25

You speak better english than russian?

My Russian is not that bad ;D . I'll upload the translation to Launchpad and I hope some smart heads will revise.

Jul 07, 2009 08:51

Yep, hehe. 3000 strings O_O

Ok, will upload it. I have to learn how to download it back in case someone put updates via launchpad. Poedit is easier to use hehehe.

Tnx tnx!!

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