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1 Jul 10, 2009 22:35    

I'm building a complete WEB site based on b2evolution 3.2.0 (beta) and I would like the Blog Title widget to have the link to the whole site top blog (blog1) instead of linking to the top of the current blog. (very much as a "Home link") - I use the same Blog Title on all different blogs - and that is really the name of the site, not a specific blog.
If it isn't clear, have a look at:

I have hacked :roll: the _coll_title.widget so it looks like

		 * 090710/LD Was: $title = '<a href="'.$Blog->get( 'url', 'raw' ).'">'
		$title = '<a href="" >'
							.$Blog->dget( 'name', 'htmlbody' )

instead of retrieving the link to the actual blog(in this case blog2).

It would be great if this could be a choice in the blog settings (url section) insead of a hack - for obvious reasons.

Is this anything that could be useful for others? :?:

Lars D

2 Jul 10, 2009 23:38

I'd say an option in the title widget to "link to blog home" or "link to installation root" would make more sense than in the blog settings. Folks have asked about this before, so thanks for sharing your improvement method :)

3 Jul 10, 2009 23:46

Hi Ed,
That would be great - exactly what I was looking for,
my problem is if I'm going to fix the widget the proper way (not a hack) then it will take me a looong time of basic research in B2 core. I was rather hoping someone more used to PHP and B2 would be interested :-)

4 Jul 14, 2009 23:43

It's actually not a blog title that you want to display and link. It's a *site* title.

You can use the Free HTML widget for that, instead of the blog title widget. No hacking required.

5 Jul 16, 2009 03:09

Free HTML would work :) Modifying the widget would also, but then it'll not know what text to put in the link. Something like "installation home" would be neat in a blog list widget though so that it can be part of the nicely styled UL. Gonna have to start playing with 330 maybe as it might be close to what stable will be.

Cuz 247 is soooo yesterday ;)

6 Jul 16, 2009 09:59

I hadn't seen the free html widget, will try it later - currently no rush as I already hacked the _Coll_title widget :oops:

You're right Ed, you need to upgrade-3.x rocks...
I have to do one more upgrade to 3.3 and I assume a few more as a stable version is getting closer


7 Jul 16, 2009 13:06

um... depends on how much of the bloat is still there. I have installations that have absolutely no need of avatars, so that has to either be gone or removable. Then I have to consider the installation that is using one of the many avatar plugins, and how the "core" avatars will work with that if they are not already gone. I also need to figure out who, if anyone, has control over the plethora of "featured posts" because I can't let anyone and their logged in brother decide what to feature for any given bit.

The first 3.* release had way too much wrong with it for me to have confidence in the whole branch at this point, but this is way off topic eh?

I do like the idea of a "add your link" bit to the bloglist widget. It could be your domain's home, or maybe another website. Unfortunately once you add one someone will say "but I need to add TWO links!!!" ;)

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