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[3.3.1-dev] Regional - Language Priority and other suggestio

Started by on Jul 20, 2009 – Contents updated: Jul 20, 2009

Jul 20, 2009 09:40    

A couple of suggestions:

1) Make "English (US) utf8" the default
Comment: Why not make it the default? Any reason? I mean, almost everybody is using UTF-8 as the default, and it shouldn't corrupt sites previously in ISO-8859-x switching to UTF-8. Anything I'm not aware of? Size footprint is too small to make any difference (and non-existent if the site is using characters within the ASCII range only).

2) If it won't become the default, change the priority of "English (US) utf8" to 2 instead of 9. This way it is right after the "English (US) latin1" language.
Comment: So us who need to use UTF-8 can easily see "English (US) utf8"

3) Change all lang charset in the regional tab to uppercase - which is the preferred format of the body in-charge of it (which I can't remember right now).
Comment: Lowercase is fine, no problems with that, but I think since these locales comes packaged with b2evo, and in a sense default, then maybe b2evo should opt for the preferred method ;)

4) By default (installation and upgrade), the only "active" (ie being shown) in the Regionals tab are "English (US) utf8" [and "English (US) latin1"].
Comment: There seems to be a problem with setting/editing the priorities when there are too many languages "active" (enabled or not disabled).

If I edit a language to Priority 2 and there's another language that's Priority 2, everything goes into a mess. I have to click each language to "reset to default" even though I don't need those languages.

Btw, I upgraded from 3.3.0-rc1 to 3.3.1-dev and new languages were installed - which I don't really need. To a normal user (and those who are using fantastico and similar) they'll upload everything. But to an advanced user, yes, it is easy to delete.

Hmm.. I guess those are my suggestions ^_^

Sep 19, 2009 00:18

Last time I check there were still an awful lot of hosts not properly supporting UTF-8, especially in the US. I made a note to recheck.

Sep 19, 2009 01:40

fplanque wrote:

Last time I check there were still an awful lot of hosts not properly supporting UTF-8, especially in the US. I made a note to recheck.

O_O weird hosts... I did not know a page's encoding relies on the host capabilities... if not then they must be using a very old mySQL (and PHP at that) 8|

Or they must have engineers who have no idea that the world moved on to standardization hehe :p

By any chance, you have a list? Have to avoid those hosts ^_^

Sep 22, 2009 03:48

There's many ways a host can f*up utf-8:
* have apache force a latin1 header
* not include mbstring into their compiling of PHP (any version!)
* not include UTF8 into their compiling of MySQL (any version!)

they figured "it saves RAM" !!

The problem is not they have no clue about standardization. The problem is they have no clue about what is non English.

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