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1 Aug 01, 2009 19:41    

I follow every direction from internet everywhere..
I still can't update my site to show Chinese?

Actually I dun need my program translate to chinese.
I juz need my blog can show the Chinese word.
After I setup the ft8 somthing like that.
nothing change. the Chinese still became some symbols.
Can anybody can help me to fix?

I dun wanna use wordpress and I think b2evo is better.
But now I found that this is a big big problem for the Chinese Blogger.

2 Aug 07, 2009 17:26

Your unicode characters become "???" as soon as you log out
try these, it works for me

1st. your database's collation must be utf8_unicode_ci

2nd. log in as an administrator, go to Global Settings -> Regional, then edit Charset of en_US local (maybe any enabled locals) from iso-8859-1 to utf-8

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