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1 Aug 02, 2009 15:49    

My b2evolution Version: 2.x

I'm driving a small, invite only forum that functions as a offline collaboration blog for a set of hobbyist musicians from different parts of Norway. We post songs, backing tracks, vocal tracks and arrangements to the blog. The blog can be dead for several weeks, and then suddenlyg blooming with activity.

Therefore: wish is to be able to enable a switch that sends all the users of the blog a "New post in forum %forum%: %Short summary of the message% Click here to read" - notice automatically, just like on flickr or collaboration systems around.

It would have been best if it actually could be aggregated, like - "at once" / "once a day" / "every week", but "at once" works just fine. I suppose this could be a easy cron job or something, but it has been a couple of years since I ended my programming carreer, and I suck at pearl.

Any1 with a pointer or sum help?

2 Sep 09, 2009 13:56

This would be interesting, but i'm not a coder myself, i wish someone coule come up with and idea.

I'm kind in the same situation we have an install of B2evo for our little intranet, my wish is to be able to receive an update each time somone from the intranet update or edit any post from the private blog.

3 Sep 09, 2009 16:45

Subscriptions can handle this. For a small enough group of bloggers like the musician situation, just tell everyone "subscribe to all the blogs" and everyone will get an email when there is something new in any blog.

Down side is it sends the entire post contents. Solution is to find in the forums where someone shared how to make it send only the fact that there is a new post and the permalink to the new post.

No option to make it weekly or monthly though: it is "a post gets an email sent" type of thing.

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