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1 Sep 22, 2009 04:05    

It's been a little while since last time we asked.

We have a couple of technical writers who can actually work on the manual for the next couple of weeks.

What should be their priority? What area of the manual? What questions should be answered? What guides do we need? What does need a rewrite? What pages are outdated?

The more specific you can be, the greater the chance we can effectively get it done.

I'd add a poll to this post, but what should the options be? :)

2 Sep 22, 2009 16:29

On the wiki, we need to removed old part of manual, I mean pages that refer to 0.9.x version.

3 Sep 22, 2009 16:34

don't we want to keep those as reference, just in case?

4 Sep 22, 2009 20:49

well, I tagged/categorized a lot of things from 0.9... we need a better organization, I think .

5 Sep 22, 2009 20:54

Walter, can you be more specific?
"better" doesn't help us knowing what to do...

6 Sep 22, 2009 21:03

By example, in the main page ( There's a link to a page called Advanced Configuration (

The top of this page say that if refers to b2evolution 0.9.2, altough I know that the text of the page is valid in recent versions too.

Another example: if I search skins, I fall on this page ( that is not that relevant..

I know that a wiki is hard to deal. I 'm ok with letting older information there, we need just to assure that people that search informations about new versions fing them.

(Sorry if my english is too confuse...)

7 Sep 22, 2009 21:13


By all means, when you see things like that, edit them right away in the manual! I just edited the 2 pages you mentioned. Let me know what you think.

If nothing else, please post a list of all such problems you see, I will work on them.

Thank you.


8 Sep 22, 2009 21:25

Yes, I edited. As I said, I added a lot of categories to pages some time ago ;)

9 Sep 22, 2009 21:33

Yes, categories can be helpful.
Maybe we should even put them at the top of the pages?

10 Sep 22, 2009 22:34

What I liked back in the 0.x age was a detailed description of the settings you can use in functions in your skin, but are not that obvious or needed by others (are not in the default skins).
Like all the different settings you can use
for example :
$Item->images( array(xxx
what are all the different settings I can set there
or skin_include( '', array(
'image_size' => 'fit-400x266',
) );
what else can I put there
these are just 2 examples, it would be nice to have it for all the (new) functions

or an example with different posttypes, and how you can include them in your skin

11 Sep 23, 2009 00:29

Some "user friendly" documentation of function.js with examples of how it could be useful in skin design, posts etc

12 Sep 23, 2009 01:03

fplanque wrote:

don't we want to keep those as reference, just in case?

In case of what???

Anyone still using < 1.10.3 should find no support anywhere. 'Just in case' the total lack of support for something so extremely obsolete gets them to upgrade.

It'd probably be a TON of work, but imagine if 1.10 support was almost like it's own wiki. No one will add anything to it anymore, or most likely not, but hey the vast majority of peeps aren't going to need that info anyway so it sorta makes sense to not have it mixed in with support for 245 and beyond.

13 Sep 24, 2009 11:03

It was more like "just in case" there is some useful info there that is not available in "3.x" form.

Topanga: if the following page was compelted, would that suit your expectations:
anyone else agrreing/disagreeing on this priority?

John: functions.js is a support file for the backoffice. Explaining how javascript works is beyond the scope of this project. I mean I cannot see this as a priority before long.

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