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Documentation effort

I'm reading a lot of your source code at the moment and it is full of spelling mistakes, some typos and lots of grammar errors. I read through a screen reader which means that I can hear all the bumps in a way that a normal speed reader might miss. I'm… More »

Jul 19, 2019 18:23  
Autolinks; it's a plugin but an included plugin. I saw that the word b2evo was automatically being made into a link and searched the b2evo manual for "Autolinks", guessing for the term, but got no results. Back Office help links lead to… More »

Feb 21, 2019 02:26  
May I offer spelling and grammar suggestions for the Terms Of Service and Registration Agreement Terms? Terms Of Service Prepositions, (like "of"), are generally not capitalized in titles, so the title… More »

Jan 24, 2008 21:12  
What happen with B2Evolution API? When I go on nothing appears except the word "face". The API is useful and I don't manage to generate it from the source code. I use phpdocumentor 1.3.0 but it doesn't generate clean API as… More »

Mar 03, 2006 18:37  

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