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1 Oct 21, 2009 18:49    

So this marks the fourth distinct b2evo site I've set up and/or run (,, being the other three), but I figured you guys might like it:

It's basically a modified version of the evocamp skin. The site also has a wiki ( forums ( and a nifty if not a bit slow twitter-based application (I didn't code it!):

There is the main blog at the top level and then also a photo blog that I created mostly to be a central spot for all the uploaded photos -- specifically for the mediaidx use. One problem I've now run into is that I've got something like 250+ photos on the mediaidx page so it's taking awhile to load. I haven't yet been able to figure out how to paginate it:

This is my favorite b2evo site yet and I get a lot of solid feedback on the look of it. The best part is when I tell people it's b2evolution and not wordpress ;)

2 Dec 12, 2009 06:24

Your site is great. I am really impressed.

I have just started using b2evolution. It is setup and seems stable on my server. By the way, how did you such a nice site? Did you do a lot of CSS template or PHP code customization

I want to build a site that is easy to change and looks like a normal website, not a blog. A site made of pages and not posts. A site with a horizontal navbar.

I need a help getting started. I am able to make a blog however. The [url=]documentation at b2evolution[/url] is not working for me.

Any clues appreciated. Thank you.

3 Jan 27, 2010 22:41

Thanks for the props. BirthdayShoes is a customized version of the evocamp skin.

As for getting started, I wish I had some good coaching to give, but most of what I've accomplished has been through trial and error. You have seen my first install of b2evo back in 2006 -- it was a struggle! Come a long way since then, but mostly just by trying stuff and seeing what works - figuring out HTML and CSS (and a small bit of php) along the way.

4 Dec 21, 2011 20:27

I also want to give you some props! I was actually searching around for birthday shoes sites and I came across yours and this other barefoot shoes site. Both sites are very impressive but I mostly love that your is b2evolution and not wordpress. That part made me laugh. I definitely got a few ideas for my site from yours, so thanks! :)

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