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1 Sep 27, 2009 20:55    

[url=][/url] is finally officially on line. I was sort of recreating an existing web but it was old school style. Pure html pages, difficult navigation, dead ends, massive sections with a murderous path to get to - that type of thing. So we put it all into v2.4.7 plus a bit 'o stuff.

I really like what I did with his photoblog :)

Nothing is ever 'done' ya know? There is one big giant ugly bug left in there to squash, but nothing that will affect visitors so we finally went live. So if you happen to be an Alan Davey fan go ahead and register then subscribe. Or buy something from him cuz he's doing "first 50 orders get a second CD for free".

2 Sep 27, 2009 22:14

Looks "heavy" :)
I do like that beat up bass background image.
1912 looks pretty impressive as well.

3 Sep 27, 2009 22:55

Generally speaking, I have no eye for what looks good, but the bass background was my idea :D

Thanks! :D

It actually is Alan's bass, and it's even more beat up in real life than it looks. A friend photo-shopped it into having the red aura, then I cleaned up the paint dings and rusty bits quite a bit. Then the partial trans background so tired old eyes could maybe read the text again. Kinda neat overall.

I should put more time into my business web eh? I think I still got lorem ipsum on it :/ And zip up that skin for public consumption. Heck with adm out of the way I can do that skin, newlondon, openchicago, and openlegacy. And maybe get rid of some lorem ipsum ... if it's still there.

4 Oct 25, 2009 01:02

Now that is a great look Edb! I have seen attempts at what I believe may have been a simular look.

You got it though, totally cool! the tunes are pretty good also, kind of complements the theme.

I do admire great work!
Brad West ~onomoney

5 Dec 12, 2009 06:38

Your site is great. I am really impressed.

I have just started using b2evolution. It is setup and seems stable on my server. By the way, how did you such a nice site? Was there a lot of CSS template or PHP code customization? Do you know of a good book or web tutorial that documents how to create a website with b2e?

I want to build a site that is easy to change and looks like a normal website, not a blog. A site made of pages and not posts. A site with a horizontal navbar.

I need a help getting started. I am able to make a blog however. The [url=]documentation at b2evolution[/url] is not working for me. Do you know of a good book or web tutorial that documents how to create a website with b2e?

Any clues appreciated. Thank you

6 Jul 22, 2010 20:23

Hey ! Love the site! It looks really retro with the title and everything and the background of the guitar. The only thing is I'd space the different posts more. It seems all kinda close together. Otherwise, everything looks awesome! Congrats!

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