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1 Jan 20, 2010 01:44    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered


I am trying to determine if b2e will allow me to do the following

Create templates for posts so when wanting to publush a new post in a specific category of the blog I can search existing post templates, edit them, and publish quickly.

Ex. template 1 might be
Hi my name is <name> Here is some <info> about this <thing>
Sincerely, <name>

One would easily edit the few specific bracketed items and publish. These templates would be used repeatedly for different events.

I have not been able to determine how/if I can do this in the admin panel and user documentation. Any assistance is appreciated to point me in the right direction.

2 Jan 20, 2010 05:46

Welcome to the forums!

There's no such option in default installation. Although you can do this with a very simple plugin.

I'll help you create a plugin if you want to.

3 Jan 20, 2010 16:12

Thank you for your responding!

I would very much appreciate help with the plugin yes, I will start reading through this area of the documentation in the meantime but any tips and guidance is welcome :)

4 Jan 20, 2010 20:06

You can get some ideas about how plugins work reading comments in plugins/test_plugin/
And you can start creating your own playing with plugins/skeleton.plugin.php

Basically your future plugin should include at least these 2 events

// This event will call the next one by creating a dummy "content" request
function AdminAfterMenuInit()
	global $ctrl, $action;
	if( $ctrl == 'items' && $action == 'new' )
	{	// Dummy content, don't remove
		$GLOBALS['content'] = ' ';

function FilterItemContents( & $params )
	global $Blog;
	// Get the main category
	$main_category = param( 'post_category', 'integer', $Blog->get_default_cat_ID() );
	$template = ''; // Default template, overwritten below
	if( empty($main_category) )
	{	// No category selected, use a common template
		$template = 'No category selected';
	{	// A category is selected,
		// let's get a template for specific category ID
		switch( $main_category )
			case 4: // Category #4
				$template = 'You selected category #4';
			case 22:
				$template = 'Category #22, not a bad choice';
			default: // Some other category selected
				$template = 'Some other category selected';
	// Set our template
	$params['content'] = $template;

	return true;

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