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1 Jan 26, 2010 07:17    

If you get a PM from user ManInBlack, please forward it to forum admins (impolite and anatomically unlikely replies to him directly optional). The site he's spamvertizing is, not surprisingly, total rubbish.

Personally, I advocate taking all spammers, wrapping them in barbed wire, and firing them into the Sun. ManInBlack, you're on the list.

3 Jan 26, 2010 07:31

Sweet! But you forgot to vote ;)

4 Jan 26, 2010 07:34

There didn't appear to be an option to take them apart molecule by molecule with a rusty butter knife ;)


5 Jan 27, 2010 22:09

Now it's "MannInBlackk" doing the spamming.

6 Jan 28, 2010 10:02

Yeah, the muppet even spammed me ... how dumb ass can you get huh?


7 Jan 28, 2010 17:42

A sad fellow by the ID of MannInBlackk spam Im'd me as well.

8 Jan 28, 2010 18:35

That sad fellow is now roadkill ;)


9 Jan 28, 2010 18:40

Since it seems that our Russian friend (yes, I'm making assumptions here) likes a particular theme in his naming, has a common ICQ number, etc. perhaps someone with the right level of phpBB access could make things harder for him in the future. Perhaps build him a custom error page - not that you'd want to set it to hello.jpg or anything, but you get the idea ;)

10 Jan 28, 2010 18:43

If only phpbb.ancient had that ability, or if I had ftp access :(

Noticed the common theme but not a lot I can do as a mere admin except try and stay ahead of the dicks ... pretty sure my hello.jpg would be just as graphical as yours ;)


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