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1 Feb 17, 2010 05:57    

My b2evolution Version: 3.3.1


After spending hours on the b2e website and the interface, I have thrown the towel and decided to ask the b2e gods.

so, this is my website:
its hosted by networksolutions.

however, my baseurl for some reason is
and i cant change it to . also, when i try to open the page, i get the under construction page.

i looked everywhere to get to the source (or script?) template (which your website says i should find to make changes) but i couldnt pull it up, hence couldnt make the change on baseurl. when i edit the url under blog settings and make the absolute url what i want, i lose the content on my blog.

can somebody please (pretty please) help me with this? i am trying to keep my address as short as possible and not lose the content.

also, about all that config advice, and _basic_config.php etc advice: I am LOST! totally! i dont know what address you guys are talking about. so could somebody please please explain it very basically? i am very new at this, and i'd love to succeed at it.

thanks in advance! i am looking forward to your help!


2 Feb 17, 2010 10:35


If you are wanting to move your blog from to just then I would copy all the files in the /home directory to the hard disk of your computer. Then with the files on your computer, open up your _basic_config.php file in a text editor and look for the following line:

$baseurl = '';

and change it to this:

$baseurl = '';

Make sure all the / and the ; are there and then save the file. Then take all the files from your hard disk and upload them back up to your server but this time don't put them in the /home directory, put them in one level up from there in the root of your website. This way you won't overwrite the files in your /home directory and your blog will be accessible from

Once you are happy that all is OK then you should be able to delete the whole /home folder from your server.

I usually take a backup of all my files and my database before doing anything like this as well.


3 Feb 17, 2010 20:52

IT WORKED!! IT darn well worked!!!

well, i had a problem uploading the files back on the server after making the change you said, so I copied the /home folder to the root file, and then found the specific .php file you mentioned, then made the changes on the server on the file, and saved. AND IT WORKED!!!!!

I also deleted the initial /home folder. so all is cool now.


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