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1 Mar 01, 2010 10:00    

I need a category suffix and not a prefix, because "quotes/einsten/post_title" is not the same with "/einsten-quotes/post_title", the latter which i d like is better in terms of seo for exact query

(i believe that applies not only to my quote website, it applies to mostly anything [men 'shoes-suffix-', women "shoes", tech 'talk', web 'talk' etc.. etc.., you'll rarely need a prefix])so i d recommend this to be added in future versions)

and currently the category prefix gets inserted with a forward slash in advance, like "cat_prefix/cat_name/post_title" ideally i d like it to have them together such as : "/cat_name-cat_prefix/post_title"

2 Mar 14, 2010 18:57

Have you actually tested this against Google?
I do not believe it would improve anything. On the contrary I believe Google does understand one is a subfolder of the other.

3 Mar 21, 2010 20:01

maybe i put it the wrong way.. i dont say google will crawl it better..

I meant the way people intend to search.. if i sell shoes per say, people would search "women shoes" not "shoes women" being the prefix.

compare two urls:

1.[current] shoes/women/
2.[mine] women/shoes/
3.[combined] women-shoes/

in a "women shoes" google search the ranking would be : 3-2-1

4 Jul 01, 2010 11:23

Where i Can buy good man shoes in the u.k

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5 Jul 01, 2010 16:37

Thomas21 wrote:

Where i Can buy good man shoes in the u.k

I suggest you start by refining your search in google with "-b2evolution" :|


6 Jul 02, 2010 00:13

while this has been bumped (:, i had been able to implement suffixes just like the prefix by copying prefix bits in the core, but of course it functions just like the prefix and it appears after a slash like this;


where as i want it to be:


let me know if you have any ideas..

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