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1 Mar 14, 2010 01:12    

In this order:
1. Implement pingbacks. They're so much better than trackbacks.
2. Built-in threaded/nested comments.
3. Valid, well-formed (X)HTML. Are we still using XHTML? What is the developers' take on HTML5?

I got the latest CVS checked out on my local server and am ready to get to making b2evolution 4 something to be proud of.[/list]

2 Mar 14, 2010 16:41

As for 2- it's fairly easy to build nested comments with css hacks.but i agree that it should be in the core, i cant imagine why would anyone want a "reply to comment" be seen as some other "comment".

3- dont get stuck over names, html xhtml shmhtml, it's pretty much the same thing eventually.
What's with the current structure ? And what current structure are we talking about ? AFAIK, b2 has no default skin other than a converted evopress(custom and evocamp is widely used also).
It's upto the skin developers already how they are gonna build the markup.

3 Mar 14, 2010 18:52

Feel free to add pingbacks indeed.

Regarding nested comments, there are many people who feel strongly for it and many against it, so it has to be optional.

We are currently refactoring a lot of the comment code in b2evo 4 so I don't really want to mix nested comments into this at the moment.

If you need an extra field like cmt_parent_cmt_ID and then develop a plugin, we can do that now.

4 Mar 14, 2010 18:55

Note: personally I have no religion on what particular form of HTML is the best. I personally use xhtml transitional because it is the one that is the most consistently rendered accross browsers. HTML5 will probably be the new best thing once it's supported by enough of the installed browser base.

5 Apr 09, 2010 10:35

*my crap removed

6 Apr 10, 2010 18:08

I would also add we need to allow people to reply to comments (blog editor/creator) via email like you can in twitter or facebook.

this will totally rock.

there should also be a link to delete a comment
another one to "edit" a comment.
for us with mobile phones, having these choices separated would be great.

7 Apr 16, 2011 19:00

zooplah wrote:

2. Built-in threaded/nested comments.

Seconded. I was considering b2evolution as a possible platform for a standalone blog. I have downloaded and installed the latest version, and it looks very interesting and promising, but the lack of threaded comments (which I absolutely need) has forced me to look for other platforms.
(I also tried the old am_nested_comments plugin, but I cannot make it work with version 4.)

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