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1 Mar 05, 2010 21:20    

I have now confirmed this bug that I reported in the past with version 3.3.2 and it is still present in version 3.3.3.

When setting up a new install with no _basic_config.php file if the password to the MySQL database contains a $ followed by numerals, it will NOT write out the $ and the numerals in the password to the _basic_config.php file when it creates it. The rest of the password is written. This is CONFIRMED on installing 3.3.2 and 3.3.3 to a new fresh install.

Checking the _basic_config.php file I see that the $ and the two numerals following (for security reasons I can not post my password here) were simply left out when the database password was written to the _basic_config.php file.

The install is on a host and the MySQL database version is 5.0. Please let me know if additional information is needed to track down this bug.

I was able to simply edit the _basic_config.php file and correct the error to continue. This bug could cause a lot of grief because it is not apparent the password is being incorrectly set since it is not reported back to the user on the install page. I only found it by examining the _basic_config.php to see what it contained and noticed the database password error.

If nothing else, a noticed should be posted to the website that versions 3.3.2 (and maybe earlier) and 3.3.3 contain a bug where passwords with $, and maybe or maybe not, followed by numerals are not written correctly to the _basic_config.php and to either avoid those passwords or to edit the _basic_config.php manually to correctly set the correct password.

2 Mar 14, 2010 18:34

Thank you for reporting.
We will fix this in v4.

3 Mar 28, 2010 17:46

This has been fixed in CVS.

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