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1 Mar 08, 2010 23:17    

When editing a post in the administrative backend, images inserted using the add/link files popup, appear at the top of the page, instead of in the post. This occurs consistently regardless of admin skin in IE6/8, I haven't tested it in IE7. It appears Internet Explorer is the only browser affected by this bug.
[url=]Workarounds have been suggested[/url] but are not ideal for end users at our facility.

B2E @3.3.3
PHP @5.3.1
Apache @2.2.14

2 Mar 14, 2010 18:47

I am personally not good enough at IE Javascript to be able to fix this.

3 Aug 27, 2010 13:31

I *sometimes* run into this issue on IE8, so I can't say it always happens. I've just spend 10 minutes trying to work out what if anything effects it. And it seems pretty random. Out of about 20 or so tries it happened 3 or 4 times.

I've also tried testing it out in the IE9 platform preview, and in about 20 tests didn't have it show up.

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