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1 Mar 15, 2010 15:26    

My b2evolution Version: 3.3.3

So I'm a little slow and just realized the cool functionality behind intro-cat/intro-sub etc. Armed with this knowledge, I started playing with it and wanted to make an old post the intro post to a subcategory. So I went in, changed the type to intro-sub, saved, and there it was!

Only on problem: it also became the the intro post for the parent category.

So then, I made another post the intro-cat for the parent category. But for some reason, it didn't override the first. Try deleting pre-rendered cache but that didnt' fix the problem. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Or am I misunderstanding the functionality here:

2 Mar 20, 2010 01:52

Intro-Main: This post will only be shown on the homepage.
Intro-All: This intro post will be shown on top of every page (so also on page 2,5,...).
Intro-Sub will show only in all Sub-Level Cats (ie. Categories below Top-Level)
Intro-Cat is a post that will show as a intro text on a category. It will shown on top of the desired Category(ies). (just select them)
Intro-Tag is a post that will show as a intro text on a tag page. Write desired post, tag it with the desired tag(s), and it will be shown on top (only if you are viewing a list of posts with a certain tag)
Only 1 intropost will appear on your site. For that reason, this is sequence that b2evo will look for intro-posts Intro-All overrules Intro-main posts Intro-sub overrules Intro-cat posts

4 Mar 20, 2010 14:29

Ok so I think the thing that I was missing was that you can only have one intro post and that's it. So you get one intro post for a subcat, but that ends up being the only intro post for all categories -- and it makes it impossible to have an intro post for Main or All or a Tag -- is that right?

And if it is right, how difficult (or impossible) would it be to be able to have multiple intro-posts? It would be awesome to be able to have intro posts for each category/subcategory to help explain what people can find (or point out some very popular posts within a certain category).

5 Mar 24, 2010 00:51

You're actually supposed to be able to have different intro posts for different categories.
Maybe there is a bug with subcategories but that doesn't make sense to me.
Does it work right in any other case than sub-category to parent category?

6 Jul 01, 2010 06:16

Was this ever resolved? Is there a fix? I would like to have different intros for categories and subcategories but cannot.

7 Jul 20, 2010 08:46

I found the solution to this was to create a sub-cat entry, as normal, and then create an empty post (no title, no text) which is set as a sub-cat entry on the higher level category. In this way, you stop the lower sub-cat entry from appearing on the higher cat, but nothing technically shows up on the page since there is no title/text.

Er, hope that made sense.

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