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1 Mar 26, 2010 04:17    

My b2evolution Version: 3.3.3

Hey there,

I got this message this morning (before my first coffee):

Additional information about this error:

MySQL error!

Got error -1 from storage engine(Errno=1030)

Your query:

REPLACE INTO evo_usersettings (uset_user_ID, uset_name, uset_value)

VALUES ('1', 'selected_blog', '1')

I can't access the backoffice or edit post.

The blog itself runs sort of normal, so far:

Any ideas?



I can access some parts of the Global settings dashboard.
In some areas when trying to access a blog I get another MYSQL message:

REPLACE INTO evo_items__prerendering (itpr_itm_ID, itpr_format, itpr_renderers, itpr_content_prerendered)

VALUES ( 4464, 'text', 'evo_Arch.ping_b2evonet.ping_pingomatic.cafeBkmk.b2evSmil.b2evGMco.b2evALnk.evo_videoplug.b2WPAutP.evo_code.b2WPTxrz.tweetmeme.b2ShareThis',

I've run a repair on my host for the b2 mysql database, but it didn't help (it was worth a try...)

Hope someone can help,... :/

2 Mar 26, 2010 06:23

hi nicole.

your b2 website cannot connect to its mysql server.

try to check maybe the password or hostname for mysql has been changed.

check your hosting sql server host,user and pass

open the file /blogs/conf/_basic_config.php
look for something like

* MySQL DB Settings

below, make sure your hosting information for mysql matches that settings..

good luck

3 Mar 26, 2010 19:10

Do one of the following

- Contact your host
- Switch to MySQL 5 if possible
- Change all tables to use MyISAM storage engine instead of InnoDB

Backup the DB first

4 Mar 27, 2010 05:58

Thank you both,

have been on a day trip yesterday., In between the site must have been fallen apart in different places, but today it runs again totally normal.

@Sam, will look into that and yeah, backup,....the magic word ;)

5 Mar 27, 2010 06:05

- Change all tables to use MyISAM storage engine instead of InnoDB

Don't do this if the site is back

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