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1 Mar 28, 2010 12:33    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered


I was since a long time using 2.4.0rc2. Now I've just upgraded to the latest 2.4.7. Most seems working fine.

I used to post to multiple blogs, it is still allowed (option 3) and still works for early posted blog entries. But I just added a new blog entry, when I clic on it (example given, to comment it), b2evo switches to the main blog the entry belongs to and displays: "Sorry, nothing to display".

In my browser header, I notice "bad request".

Any help to fix this quickly would be welcome. Should I upgrade to 3.3? Will my skins be compatible?


It is a french blog.

If one opens this and clics on the top most entry, regadless of what is posted there, he will see what hapens :

My today post doesnt' work:

A post from the last days works:

3 Mar 28, 2010 13:50

I am now moving for 3.3.3...

4 Mar 28, 2010 14:03

I have more than 7 blogs. This may be the issue? I had created extra files for at least blog8. But I am now switching to 3.3. Ive created the extra blog8 and 9.php from the new distribution files, this may make a difference.

I now hope that 3.3 will work on my server...

5 Mar 28, 2010 14:09

dead :D

Creating DB schema version checkpoint at 9960... OK. (Elapsed upgrade time: 24 seconds)
Installing plugin: tinymce_plugin...
Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in _captcha_img.plugin.php on line 216

6 Mar 28, 2010 14:32

It looks not that bad.

I may have found a first bug, I needed to use IExplorer to remove a widget, I couldn't remove it using Firefox...

7 Mar 28, 2010 15:01

So far, it works. I have now a URL issue. In my early 2.4.0rc2, some blog entries are ending with dashes (-). If I click on them, 3.3 considers those are tags and rewrites the URL, this ending now in non found post/tags.

9 Mar 29, 2010 21:09

jmcausing wrote:

hi. Are you still having issues using b2evo?

I found this

where did you get that URL? can you paste what url that you're having issues with?

No, I finally moved from 2.4.7 to 3.3.3-stable, this after a 2.4.0-rc to 2.4.7 upgrade. This solved my main issue.

In 2.4.7, all new posts couldn't be accesses by their URL. Maybe a rewrite issue or a non compatible blog8.php file content.

I think that I still have some post URLs which I need to change. My early 2.4 was creatiing post URLs with dashes at the end. When I manually remove them, I can open those posts.

Yesterday, I noticed SQL errors in users agent statistics. But this is now also in order; I assume new entries where filled in the DB since I installed 3.3. I had an error during the install script, due to my early captcha plugin...

That version will sure be satisfying for a while again, thanks!

10 Mar 31, 2010 00:32

jmcausing wrote:

hi. Are you still having issues using b2evo?

I found this

where did you get that URL? can you paste what url that you're having issues with?

Finally, after upgrade, my main issue is sligtly different. I already changed two. I need to change more than 500 URLs in my database. In my posts, I need also to change links... I am posting links inside them, to other posts.

~/temp$ gunzip *
~/temp$ grep -c "\-', NULL, NULL, NULL" * <- posts ending with dasheds in the URL
520 <- many
~/temp$ grep -c "\-\">" * <- links I need to change, inside posts
141 <- not that much :D

11 Apr 01, 2010 23:16

It may help someone else.

SELECT post_urltitle
FROM `evo_items__item`
WHERE post_urltitle LIKE '%-' <- the dashes at the end...

I removed them in the SQL output, quickly changing "-' WHERE" to "' WHERE", add feeded the 519 lines back to the server:

UPDATE `evo_items__item` SET `post_urltitle` = '13-milliards-d-euros-pour-moderniser-le' WHERE...
UPDATE `evo_items__item` SET `post_urltitle` = '17-octobre-journee-mondiale-du-refus-de' WHERE...
UPDATE `evo_items__item` SET `post_urltitle` = '29-01-le-gouvernement-sera-l-a-l-ecoute' WHERE...
UPDATE `evo_items__item` SET `post_urltitle` = 'a-flamanville-une-visite-hors-de-portee' WHERE...
UPDATE `evo_items__item` SET `post_urltitle` = 'a-l-ombre-des-lois-et-avec-les-couleurs' WHERE...

Votre requête SQL a été exécutée avec succès...

Was done in 10 minutes. I previously made a full backup.

Now I have my post contents links to update, with links to those updated post_urls. That will be slightly more difficult. I'll perhaps remove the 141 dashes mannually or will use perl to manipulate the SQL output.

12 Apr 01, 2010 23:44

The dead links inside my items...

FROM `evo_items__item` 
WHERE post_content LIKE '%-">%'
LIMIT 0 , 50 

Affichage des enregistrements 0 - 49 ([b]107 total[/b], traitement: 0.0724 sec.)

UPDATE `evo_items__item` SET `post_ID` = 1343, `post_parent_ID` = ... pour-une-peine-sans-">la liberté...

Now I got a first SQL file... I'll need to change the first part of the lines only, or deal with posts IDs.

I am now wondering if MySQL has a built in sed feature. This could also do such a job, on the server side.

13 Apr 02, 2010 01:14

I think I've found it under tools, misc... 1957 entrées de cache retirées.

14 Apr 02, 2010 08:07


 * Enable a workaround to allow accessing posts with URL titles ending with
 * a dash (workaround for old bug).
 * In b2evolution v2.4.5 new tag URLs were introduced: You could choose
 * to have tag URLs ending with a dash. This lead to problems with post
 * URL titles accidentially ending with a dash (today, URL titles cannot
 * end with a dash anymore): Instead of displaying the post, the post
 * title was handled as a tag name. When this setting is enabled, all tag
 * names which are exactly 40 chars long and end with a dash are handled
 * in the following way:
 * Try to find a post with the given tag name as the URL title. If there
 * is a matching post, display it; otherwise, display the normal tag page.
 * Note: If you use a 39 chars-long tag name, have an URL title which is
 * the same as the tag *but* additionally has a dash at the end and you
 * use the dash as a tag URL "marker", you won't be able to access either
 * the post or the tag page, depending on the value of this setting.
 * @global boolean $tags_dash_fix
 * @internal Tblue> We perhaps should notify the user if we detect bogus
 *                  post URLs (check on upgrade?) and recommend enabling
 *                  this setting.
$tags_dash_fix = 0;


15 Apr 02, 2010 09:52

¥åßßå wrote:


$tags_dash_fix = 0;


Ok, thanks a lot (for others who may face this issue). But I've now fixed it by updating/modifying the DB content.

16 Apr 04, 2010 19:17

I'm always a day late and a $ short :(

Mind you, I'd have also cured this by hitting mysql ;)


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