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1 Apr 02, 2010 01:26    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

version 3.3.3


I am having problems implementing stub files for my blogs.

What I am trying to accomplish: I want to be able to display my blog using two different skins.

The B2evo documentation suggests that I can do this using the stub files and setting the $skin parameter to the name of the skin I want to use.

I have tried this but am having no luck. It keeps using the default skin.

Can someone please help.

2 Apr 02, 2010 01:38

Ok, I think I figured this out.

What I was missing was

$show_statuses = array('published');

in the stub file. I was using the default

$show_statuses = array();

I will post back if this turns out to be some kinda fluke :p

3 Apr 02, 2010 01:46

Looks like the problem is only partly solved

I have set the skin in my stub file.

When I hit the stub file, stubfilename.php, it displays my blog using the skin that I set in the stub file. So that's all good.

Now the problem occurs when I click on one of the posts in the blog. It opens the post using the default skin and not the skin I set in the stub file.

Is there any way around this?

4 Apr 02, 2010 01:50

This is what my stub file looks like:

$blog = 6;

$skin = 'terrafirma';

$show_statuses = array('published');

$timestamp_min = '';

$timestamp_max = 'now';

# Additionnaly, you can set other values (see URL params in the manual)...
# $order = 'ASC'; // This for example would display the blog in chronological order...

require_once dirname(__FILE__).'/conf/_config.php';

require $inc_path.'';

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