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1 Apr 03, 2010 23:22    

The bog is actually titled [url=]PepperonI[/url], but I felt the tagline would be more suited as a title for my first post here.

Yes, I'm a newbee here and felt this would be the correct place to introduce my weblog and express my sincere thanks to everyone involved at b2evolution for creating the software and instructions making it a relatively easy and an enjoyable experience. Thankyou to all those involved. :D

As I state on the site; it's "a place where I'll discuss, ramble and rant about various "things". What those "things" will be, remains to be seen." There are no commercial reasons for creating it, "just for fun" would certainly be appropriate.

I'm using v. 3.3.3 and the skin I have loaded is [url=]firebug[/url] which I've tweaked a little, a hit and miss process as I've got absolutely no idea about html, php or css. 8|

I personally think it looks great, but I would do ;) and would welcome constructive comments should someone feel there is something that should be addressed.

Thanks folks - I mean it - Great job.

2 Apr 04, 2010 19:19

You may wish to replace the evo logo with a plain text link as it (always) looks crap on a dark background


3 Apr 04, 2010 20:36

Thanks Ұåßßå

I don't disagree with you on the logo not looking too good on a dark background.

Do the b2evolution folks have preferences for font, colour - orange?

Maybe they've solved the dark background "problem" with an alternative logo I could use?

4 Apr 04, 2010 22:01

Pretty sure that the evo folk don't care what colour the link text is ;)


5 Apr 04, 2010 23:26

Thanks for the info.

I've found what should be a nice work around; I can introduce a free html widget in the sidebar titled "Powered by" and then place the b2evolution-logo in the content area. Looks great :D

The problem is; I know which gif to delete / rename to get rid of the not so cool looking logo, but where do I delete the link to it as it leaves me with a lovely box with an "x" in te top left corner? (Please remember I'm minimal savvy with html, css and php).

Please see opening post for links to blog and skin.

Thanks in advance

6 Apr 05, 2010 22:20

andyP wrote:

Thanks for the info.

where do I delete the link to it as it leaves me with a lovely box with an "x" in te top left corner?

Sorted it :D and am learning by doing ;)

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