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1 Apr 07, 2010 23:41    

I added a blog to my wife's existing site:

After some experimentation, I found a way to maintain the overall functioning of the site's appearance and navigation, by including the blog in the framework. It seems to work fine, although I still have some background work to do.


2 Apr 09, 2010 01:10

You could improve your seo by moving your /blogs/ to webroot instead of using htaccess to redirect to /blogs/ ;)


3 Apr 09, 2010 01:18

Hi ¥åßßå,

Thank you for the feedback. I wanted to avoid having several subfolders added to the root, because I thought I would lose track of them. However, I could simply maintain a list of the associated folders and files.

I have two questions about moving the blog:

1) I have several domains, but the redirection to /blog causing everything to revert to ReynoldsOffice. By moving the blog to the webroot, would that allow the domains to maintain their URL on the site?

2) How does moving the blog improve the SEO?

Thank you!


4 Apr 09, 2010 01:36

Tad confused at your #1, currently you have no files ?

#2, each subfolder (domain.tld/foo/bar/hello/world/ ) is *meant* to dilute your serps power ... guess it all depends on how much you give a toss about serps. My personal view is that googy et al can afford better/more coders than me, so why the hell should I help them? But "foo.tld" looks better to visitors (and that's what counts)


5 Apr 09, 2010 01:48

Hi ¥åßßå,

I'm sorry if my #1 question is not clearer. Going to "" resolves to "". And, yes, it does not look pretty. I also have domains such as and, and each of these domains also resolve to "".

So my question is: if I move the /blog folder structure to the webroot, will my other domains still resolve to, or will they retain their domain name when the page loads? That's how it worked before installing the blog.


6 Apr 09, 2010 02:02

It *looks* like your other domains use there own htaccess to redirect to /blog/blog1.php, so you'd also need to edit there htaccess to point to "/". If you do move all your blogs to webroot you'd also want to add a new htaccess that redirects old /blog/blog1.php to /index.php so you don't lose googy juice ... assuming you care about googy juice ;


7 Apr 09, 2010 02:04

Ohh yeah, and you'd also want to change $baseurl in /conf/_basic_config.php to reflect your move ( tad late here, so excuse my slowness/ ineptitude :P )


8 Apr 09, 2010 02:10

All of my domains are parked, and resolve to the same webroot, so they share the same configuration.

Also, I may be doing this incorrectly, but I am NOT using the HTACCESS file to point to the blog. I modified a line in the INDEX.PHP file to point to the config file:

require_once dirname(__FILE__).'/blog/conf/_config.php';

I have the INDEX.PHP file in the webroot, and all the other blog files in the BLOG folder structure. I wonder whether this is causing problems with my URLs.

I will play around with it later this evening. And, yes, I do care about googy juice!


9 Apr 09, 2010 18:22

I copied my files from /blog to the webroot and, after adjusting the configuration, the URL displayed as "" instead of "".

Is there much difference in SEO between "" and ""? Having the blog stored in the /blog folders means only the INDEX.PHP file needs to be in webroot. So, I went back to the /blog folder.

I solved my issue with having parked domains forward to a single URL. The /conf/_basic_config.php file has a line such as this:

$baseurl = '';

This forces any other domain to resolve to However, I found that I could change the $baseurl to this:

$baseurl = 'http://' . ($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']) . '/blog/';

This allows any of my domains to maintain their URL. Therefore, the URLs remain as desired whether going to,,, or any other domain I have pointed there. This way, I can keep my search engine rankings.


10 Apr 09, 2010 19:37

From what I know each /subfolder/ of a link reduces your seo juice by a smidge, but there's plenty of highly ranked sites out there that have /multiple/sub/folders/ in their urls.

Mind you, there's millions more that have that have zero seo juice, guess it all depends on how much the juice matters.

Personally I'm quite happy to leave search engines to work it out for themselves, they don't pay me enough to worry about their workings ;)


11 Apr 09, 2010 19:40

Thank you, ¥åßßå.

Do you know whether it is possible to display the URL as "domain.tld", instead of "domain.tld/blog1.php" when the blog is loaded?


12 Apr 10, 2010 09:20

I finally figured it out. My blog now appears with the root domain name as the URL, instead of having /BLOG1.PHP at the end. Unless I'm missing something, it appears that the blog files must be loaded off the webroot, instead of in a folder.


13 Jun 04, 2010 08:44

more importantly why the hell is this in the game ideas forums? moved.

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