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1 Apr 07, 2010 14:38    

My b2evolution Version: 3.3.3

I have several blogs on my installation (blog1.php, blog2,php, etc), each one managed by a different person. I'd like users to be able to contact the person managing the particular blog they're visiting. At the moment, the Contact Form sends all emails to the blog owner, regardless of the blog where the Contact Form is found. How can I customize the Contact Form so that it will send email to the person in charge of the blog and not to the blog owner? Thank you

2 Apr 07, 2010 21:23

Hi and welcome to the forums

The immediate question that springs to mind is why can't you make the person who is in charge of the blog the blog owner?


3 Apr 08, 2010 07:37

How about a dropdown list of users (admins + members) ? ;)

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4 Apr 09, 2010 06:26

Thank you, lturner! I didn't realize I could register a different administrator for each blog, thus making the administrator the owner of the blog. This did the trick!
And sam2kb, that'd be great, thanks.

5 Apr 11, 2010 03:34

I too would like to know how to modify the contact form to contact someone other than the blog owner.

My bloggers will be complete newbies who have hardly used the internet before so I don't want to make them the blog owner else they can post things to the wrong status or modify blog settings etc. But I'd still like emails sent from their blog's contact page to go to them.

Anyone know how?

6 Apr 12, 2010 03:54

I'm going to guess at an angle that works probably maybe. Get rid of the "contact the owner" link and make sure each post has a "contact the author" link. You could even make your bloggers make an intro post that says "contact me you lowly little web surfing scum" or something equally inviting, with the "contact the author" feature present. That way they actually contact the owner by contacting the author. Slick like a slick thing with slick stuff on it eh?

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