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1 Apr 11, 2010 18:13    

My b2evolution Version: 3.3.3 released on 12/15/09

Hi guys,

I am a little bit frustrated, as I have found a really nice skin that I like, however, it does not support "intro posts", which I feel are essential for what I am trying to do.

My question thus is - can existing skins be modded in a way to support this functionality?

Any help is appreciated.


PS: here's my site's URL so you can see what skin I am referring to:

2 Apr 12, 2010 00:43

hi rrohde..

i got three different skins in my localhost and the intro posts is working for each skin. what skin are you using?

3 Apr 12, 2010 00:46

I am currently using a skin called "crash" that I've found while googling around. From the looks of it, I really like it, however, it does not support intro posts.

4 Apr 12, 2010 01:10

can i have the url where you downloaded the crash? so that we can try to make some little php coding

7 Apr 12, 2010 15:19

Thanks for the reply, jmcausing.

I do have already a few intro posts that worked just fine under the skin I used before ("intense"), but which do not show up under "CrashSkin".

So, maybe the admin backend *may* allow us to create intro posts, however, they simply won't show up under "CrashSkin". I have really no clue what the issue might be, but I assume that this particular skin (and many other nice ones) do not have a container (?) to display these type of posts (regardless what the backend allows us to choose).


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