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1 Apr 15, 2010 16:55    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

Hi here.

I am running the latest version of b2 and the 'Seared' skin. Here is a link to the site: (switching over to .com, but enter through .ORG please.)

I am having problems finding how to remove some objects, and could use some help.

1) RRS image (top Right) I found the image and removed it, but I can't find where the image appears in code, to take it out.

2) FOOTER (credits on the very bottom.) I have manged to remove some but not all.

3) APR 10, APR 1 (Dates to the left of the posts.) would like removed as well.

Newbie here simple English PLEASE!

Any help is deeply appreciated.

2 Apr 15, 2010 20:03

Search the forums, pretty much all your questions have been answered already.

For rss, try admin > blog settings > [blog] > widgets ...delete the rss widget


3 Apr 15, 2010 20:10


I have no RRS widgets to delete.
As far as the others go, I've been searching the forums for clear answers for a while now. I'm sure they're there. But not having any luck finding them.

Thanks for your Help!

4 Apr 15, 2010 21:44

RESOLVED - Thanks anyways!

5 Apr 15, 2010 22:29

Cool, how did you resolve it?


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