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1 May 10, 2010 07:37    

My b2evolution Version: 3.3.3

I'm using Pixel as my skin and have edited it fairly well to fit the feel of my site. Right now, whenever I create a page (like an About page, which contains info that hardly ever changes) the area where the page content is displayed is somewhat limited.

What it does is continues to reserve space on the right hand side for the sidebar widgets, which are only displayed on the main page containing blog posts (exactly how I want it). I also want to stretch that content space further to the right side since the sidebar area is not being utilized.

For example, I'd like to have a static page that includes an iframe. Currently, when I specify its width to be 100%, it only takes up little more than half the content area. I can extend it by specifying width in pixels, but I'd like to avoid that in case there are users who may have a smaller resolution and would experience a different view than I intend.

I looked through the style.css and think I may have found what I was looking for, but I have a feeling it would affect more than just Pages. (Contentwrapper and Contentwrapper2 have fixed widths of 560px and 900px).

Also, if it's possible, I'm really only concerned with doing this to the Page that will have the iframe in its content area. My About page looks fine only taking up the space its currently using. I just need to do this for the iframe page so that the frame is wide enough to comfortably display the information within it.

Thank! :)

2 May 10, 2010 07:45

Also, just found this looking through the page.main.php:

// ---------------------- POST CONTENT INCLUDED HERE ----------------------
	skin_include( '', array(
				'image_size'	=>	'fit-400x320',
	         		) );
// Note: You can customize the default item feedback by copying the generic
// /skins/ file into the current skin folder.
// -------------------------- END OF POST CONTENT -------------------------

Would editing that width be what I'm looking for?
Also, if it is, I foresee that implementing the change I want, but for all pages, correct?

3 May 10, 2010 18:22

Can you give a link to your blog? You should probably edit style.css file

4 May 10, 2010 19:38

I figured it out :)
Thanks anyway!

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