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1 May 18, 2010 20:39    

My b2evolution Version: 3.3.3

Hello I have been attacked with over 400 spam comments... is there a way I can mass delete them like 'click all' then deselect the ones I want to keep?


2 May 18, 2010 21:43

there is no way to do that in b2, wish there was.. however you can use phpmyadmin to clear your comments table completely or to go through them.. (evo_comments table thats gotta be)

3 May 18, 2010 22:19

Ah thanks a million! thank gosh there is something that will do it for me lol

tc x

4 May 18, 2010 22:26

Gosh turns out I actually have 5000 comments :S

5 May 18, 2010 22:42

You can delete them straight from database. Let's say you want to delete latest comments

DELETE FROM evo_comments WHERE comment_ID > 3000

OR comments from some IP

DELETE FROM evo_comments WHERE comment_author_IP = ""

OR comments from some email address

DELETE FROM evo_comments WHERE comment_author_email LIKE ""

6 May 20, 2010 19:26

Is there a button to press to say it's solved?..

7 May 20, 2010 20:14

You should be able to edit your original post and change the title to add "[resolved]", but I'll do it for you .... this once ;)


8 May 21, 2010 15:56

tehehe thanks Yabba! x

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