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1 May 19, 2010 23:52    

My b2evolution Version: 2.x

Is it possible as a global setting to have users access any attachments to posts ONLY if they are a registered user (or even at a specific level)?


2 May 20, 2010 17:29


 * Do you want to allow public access to the media dir?
 * WARNING: If you set this to false, evocore will use /htsrv/getfile.php as a stub
 * to access files and getfile.php will check the User permisssion to view files.
 * HOWEVER this will not prevent users from hitting directly into the media folder
 * with their web browser. You still need to restrict access to the media folder
 * from your webserver.
 * @global boolean
$public_access_to_media = true;


3 May 20, 2010 17:32

cool, thanks. Is this documented somewhere (I looked but did not find it)?

4 May 20, 2010 17:42

I've no idea what is and isn't documented, but I'd guess it's not documented.

If you disable public access then you *should* be able to add an htaccess to /media/ to forbid everyone from accessing it via the web.


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