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1 May 20, 2010 23:47    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

I had this working in an early test version, but somehow broke it...

I want a PAGE to display a CATEGORY. So if the viewer clicks on the menubar for a page, it displays the category contents.

The site is I want posts that are assigned to the category EVENTS to be archived on the events PAGE, as well as entered on the MAIN page.

3 May 27, 2010 21:54

just create a category named "events" and post in that category.

4 May 27, 2010 22:08

Yes, I understand that. But my client wants a PAGE with a button on the menu bar that shows all the posts in that category. For now I have just removed the categories all together, and I manually add events by editing the page.

5 May 27, 2010 23:06

clicking on the category will already bring a PAGE that shows posts under that category, i cant really see the difference ? just place a link to the category anywhere you want

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