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1 May 27, 2010 20:12    

Hi guys & gals,

I'm trying to put together a plugin similar in function to wordpress' "minipost" plugin (

The basic idea is to add a checkbox to the posting page that corresponds to a boolean column in the database (I believe in evo_items__item) indicating whether or not the post is "mini" or not.

Once this is done we'd change the post loop in our skin to specially render posts if they are marked as miniposts.

Is this going to be possible using only b2evolution's plugin API, or are we going to need to resort to hacks?

Oh yeah, we are running 2.4.5.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.



2 Jun 12, 2010 02:33

why not just create a new post type and you can apply special rendering to it that way? You should be able to do this in 2.4.x series

3 Jun 12, 2010 20:15

Wow, I can't believe I hadn't seen that option. That certainly sounds like a better idea than creating a plugin. I will do some digging to see the best way to integrate this with our skin.

Thanks so much!

4 Jun 12, 2010 23:17

Or just use post excerpts


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