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1 May 29, 2010 13:30    

My b2evolution Version: 3.3.3


Up to the point where I decide to enter a new image, the blog is aligned to the left. Everything after it, is centered.

I tried to search the HTML code for either left or center and found none of the above.

What am I doing wrong? Do I really need to go line by line and start to align them to the left? I tried to highlight all the test and hit the align left button, but it didn't work.

Thanks in advance! Newb b2evo user here :)

2 May 29, 2010 15:54

link to your blog please

3 May 29, 2010 19:41

I can't believe it... after I wrote this thread, I went ahead and fixed the blog posts (I old had two at the time) ... now I wanted to give you a link to my blog ([url=]here it is[/url]) and to a test post ([url=]here[/url]) so you could see the problem, but darn .. it didn't happen when I edited that blog post exactly as I did the other two :(

I promise, next post this happens to, I'll reply to this thread again!

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