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1 Jun 02, 2010 16:25    

My b2evolution Version: 2.4.7

So in the beginning, I had a blog that I named Baby. Now that the Baby is not really a baby anymore, I have changed the Blog 'short name' to Owen (so that it appears on my blog tabs) but wasn't sure about changing the URL filename/slug to Owen as well... I know that the slug is the name of the media folder, etc., and didn't want to muck anything up with location of old posts or media.

If I change the slug from Baby to Owen, will it automatically change the associated folders (including all those created and posted in the past), or will it just be for everything going forward?

Am I making sense? :lol:

2 Jun 03, 2010 23:01

Additionally... now that I'm thinking about it... is there any way to merge blogs? Say...merge the Baby blog into my everyday blog? Without having to manually copy/paste each post and category?

3 Jun 05, 2010 17:28

1) You could use htaccess to rewrite old to new (301 redirect)
2) You could enable moving categories/chapters between blogs ( one of the conf files ), or you could make a shiny new blog and aggregate the 2 blogs posts

I'd probably go with htaccess and moving categories

Neither option will rename /media/ folders though


4 Jun 05, 2010 17:51

Thanks. I'll have to think about it. I forgot about aggregate blogs... I may test that just to see if I like it. But, I may just end up keeping them separate. :)

5 Jun 05, 2010 18:04

Okay, I already have an aggregate blog set up, just not public. But when I view it, it says "Sorry, there is nothing to display..."

What am I missing? Does it need to be made public before stuff will appear?

/reading and trying to comprehend the Manual on this :)

6 Jun 05, 2010 18:19

Okay, how serious is the caution that allowing moving categories can break permalinks?

7 Jun 05, 2010 20:30

¥åßßå wrote:

I'd probably go with htaccess and moving categories


8 Jun 05, 2010 20:53

I barely understood what you were referring to, which is why that was my last option. :oops: I don't have it in me right now to ask a bunch of questions to get it working... separate blogs will be just fine for the time being. :D

9 Jun 06, 2010 16:51

It's a lot simpler than it sounds ;)

Give me a blog link and a baby link ( change to "yourdomain.tld" if you like, I only need the tail end of it [ ie/ index.php && /index.php/baby or whatever the two bits are ] ) then I can show you what you'd need to add to your htaccess to redirect baby to either owen or main blog. Then you'd still have the option of separate blogs or merged blogs


10 Jun 06, 2010 18:37

Based on urls in PM

To rename baby to owen :

  • admin > blog settings > [blog ... probably "baby"] >

    • change shortname, longname, whatever

    • change url filename (probably baby) to owen

    • hit save

    • [/list:u]
    • htaccess : add the following lines (/path/ == your web subfolder, for most people it's /blogs/ ;) )

      • RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/path/index.php/baby/
        RewriteRule ^path/index.php/baby/(.*) http://your-doman.tld/path/index.php/owen/$1 [R=301,QSA,L]
        RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/path/media/blogs/baby/
        RewriteRule ^path/media/blogs/baby/(.*) http://your-doman.tld/path/media/blogs/owen/[R=301,L]
      • ftp

        • rename [path]/media/blogs/baby/ to .... most of rest of line /owen/

        • [/list:u]
        • Hope like hell I free typed all that correctly

        • Thank god you had the sense to backup your htacces and database before you tried this :D

        • [/list:u] ¥

11 Jun 06, 2010 18:44

heh, ffs, replace "http://yourdoman.tld" with "http://yourdomain.tld"and then, obviously, replace that with your real domain.tld ... damn life gets complicated fast :p

Hope like hell you took a backup :D


12 Jun 06, 2010 20:39

I will make a backup first, as always. I will try this later tonight or tomorrow. Thanks!

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