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1 Jun 24, 2010 15:44    

My b2evolution Version:

Version 3.3.1

Is it possible to have a linkblog widget, arrange the posts by category, and have them show in two columns?

I have the linkblog widget installed here:

But would like to fill the page instead of having one narrow column of posts on the left. I also want to keep the posts sorted by category (hence not using posts.main.php instead, because it won't show all posts arranged by category, even with a hack to have two columns).

Been scratching my head on this one, I have an inkling it's doable, but not sure how.


2 Jun 27, 2010 18:32

open up your

and add this to the top

 if($Item->ID%2==0) echo '<div class="evenright">';
 else echo '<div class="oddleft">';

and add a closing </div> to the end of the file, obviously.

and align the post to the right and left via css:

div.evenright {
	width: 50%;
	float: right;}
	div.oddleft {
	width: 50%;
	float: left;}

you'll end up with sth like this;

You get the idea..

It's not the best way to do it, but it gets it done i guess

3 Jul 13, 2010 06:43

Thanks for the suggestion.

In the end, I decided on removing the posts loop from the main page and added a free html widget instead. It's not quite what I wanted (but any of the options are a compromise), but at least this way the links can still be added and show up on the single posts page (and in RSS), and a few seconds more work on manually updating the list on the main page for each new link added. Suits my purposes without being overly strenuous to update.

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