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1 Jun 26, 2010 02:01    

My b2evolution Version: 3.3.3

I have some users making use of the LiveWriter Wave 4 Beta, and when they post, apostrophes and quotes are being changed to question marks. This didn't used to happen under the previous LiveWriter version. I know I can make them go back, but I'm going to have to solve the problem sooner or later anyway.

This sounds like some kind of a code validation issue to me. I thought maybe it was the Texturize plugin, but I disabled that and it didn't have any effect.

I've searched the forums various ways to see if someone has seen this, but didn't find anything. Has anyone else experienced this, and where do I begin troubleshooting this sort of thing?

Thanks in advance!

2 Jun 28, 2010 21:45

Seeing the same issue here.

As a workaround in Windows Live Writer's options under editing you can turn off all the fancy characters, that will stop it from automatically replacing straight quotes with fancy quotes.

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