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1 Aug 11, 2010 13:57    

I had a need for a plug-in which I couldn't find here, so I developed it and here it is if anyone is interested.

jQuery iFrame Lightbox Pug-in.

It has 5 different presets and It also has 5 different styles which can be modified according to your needs in the admin panel.

To call it you have to add the code to the link you want to call it from, which can be done when you create a new post.


css must/can be edited with external editor.

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Download :



2 Nov 03, 2010 03:14

What code needs to be added to posts to call it? Is there any documentation for this plugin you can provide?

3 Nov 03, 2010 23:55

links with a class .colorbox afaisee at first look.

<a href="image1.jpg" class="colorbox"><img src="image1-thumb.jpg"></a>


4 Feb 09, 2011 15:24

You can spesify diferent sizes and so forth in the plugin settings:
The iFrame Settings uses percentages so only specify the number

Global Settings --> Plugins --> jQuery iFrame --> Edit Settings icon

to call the iframe use the link for the spesific iframe you want to call.

Specify which link you want to call.

<a class="iframe1" title=" Your Title " href="">google</a>

<a class="iframe2" title=" Your Title " href="">google</a>

<a class="iframe3" title=" Your Title " href="">google</a>

<a class="iframe4" title=" Your Title " href="">google</a>

<a class="iframe5" title=" Your Title " href="">google</a>

ONLY CHANGE THE "href" link, this case

to your page you want to call ex:

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