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1 Aug 17, 2010 11:45    

The following module enables you to provide your website users with paid access to the content published on your website.

It can be pictures, articles, links, even video clips. In a fact it could be anything you can place on your website.

How it works?

You add two tags to the page text as follows: [smscoin_key] hidden content [/smscoin_key].
Instead of the content hidden with tags user will see the instructions for sending SMS. To access the content hidden between the tags user must send an SMS to a short code. In reply message user receives a code that provides the access to hidden content.

You determine the lifetime of the code in sms:key settings on website. You can limit the access based on time limit as well as based on number of activations.

To be able to use the following module you first must register on website and connect sms:key service as well.

Sms:key service registration and setup process are absolutely free.

Link: [url=]download[/url]

SMS payment to access hidden content (Local version)

Link: [url=]download[/url]

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