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1 Aug 22, 2010 08:40    

My b2evolution Version: 4.0alpha

I wan't to make a side with multiple blogs. Unregistered users should see all entrys from all blogs.

For registered users it should be possible to selected the blogs so see. I have no way found out of the box. Or is it possible to write a plugin -> can somebody give me a hint where I can start with the plugin?

2 Aug 22, 2010 14:05

1.Create an aggregated blog.It will gather all posts from the all blogs.

2.Insert a Category list widget, it displays all categories across blogs as well as all Blogs to choose and filter from.

3.Use an

if( is_logged_in())

statement to display widget and therefore give the ability to filter only to members.

3 Aug 22, 2010 17:43

Thanks for your answer tilqicom.

I understand point 1. and 2.

I see that I have now all blogs and under this I have the categories. I think it's although possible to have categerys over blogs.

I will explain in more detail for what I look. For example we have four blogs (A .. D). Users can now configured what blogs they see. For example

- user 1 blog A, C
- user 2 blog A
- user 3 blog B, C, D

This should be persists. When the user comes back he see only entry from that blogs on that he register.

I think I need to add some logic on the side with the user configuration (the side the user edit the password). But I don't know what I can do to change the 'SQL blog engine' to aggregate the blogs that the user has registered.

4 Aug 22, 2010 19:22

Joe wrote:

This should be persists. When the user comes back he see only entry from that blogs on that he register.

I see.. When you said "filter" i thought it was a temprorary selection.

There has gotta be a shorter and better way to do it via php but i am not very good at hacking the core.

So, I have looked into category list widget and it does not have a checkbox near each blog to choose.So what you can do to get around it is to have 'master category' for each blog and select those.Example:

[no_checkbox]Animal blog -blog#1 name-
[✔] Animals - catID#5
[ ] Cats
[ ] Dogs
[no_checkbox]Nature blog -blog#2 name-
[✔] Nature - catID#9
[ ] Trees
[ ] Flowers

This will give you an array like:


Which you can use to pass to server side, store and retrieve for each user.

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