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1 Sep 15, 2010 22:51    

My b2evolution Version: 3.3.3

Ok, I have decided to install b2evo to tinker around with it.

I am setting this up on a personal web server at home running IIS. I have installed and configured PHP and I have install MySQL and setup a database for b2evo.

Whever I would try to go through the "install" for b2evo where I input the info of the db, I would get a 500: Internal server error. I decided to go ahead and manually create the _basic_config file. I followed all of the directions in the template when creating this.

Now when I try to access my website it just goes straight to the 500: Internal Server Error.

Would anyone have any ideas what could be causing this?


2 Sep 15, 2010 23:40

See my post:
[3.3.3] Install Error

I had the same issue. Good luck!

3 Sep 15, 2010 23:44

Thanks, but I think my situation is different. All I did was unzip the package and copy the files into my wwwroot directory and went from there.

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