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1 Sep 18, 2010 16:07    

My b2evolution Version: 3.3.3

One of my blogs has been hacked. Can anyone with some experience in this advise me what to do?

The blog, and any other necessary information I will give if requested.

2 Sep 18, 2010 17:43

Define "hacked"

A link to the blog in question would be useful, if you don't want to make that public then send it via PM

Couple of questions first though :

  • are you on shared hosting

  • does your server run suphp

  • are you running any other software other than evo

  • do you have any open_base_dir restrictions

  • are _any_ of your folders 0777

  • [/list:u] if 1 or 5 is true and 2 isn't then you need to talk to/change your host ¥

3 Sep 18, 2010 18:12

I sent you a PM, but it doesn't show as sent so I'll send it again, sorry if you receive it twice.

4 Sep 18, 2010 18:26

No worries, got the pm, but now your server appears to have died :-S


5 Sep 18, 2010 18:29

Ok, your server is back, read my PM and re-upload that file.

Still waiting for file search results to see if you have a deeper problem although I'd *really* advise that you change to a host that runs suphp ... nothing worse than feeling like a skiddies bicth ( been there, done that ) ... especially since they can't code worth shit and just use scripts they find on the web.


6 Sep 18, 2010 18:31

You're back ... now change hosts ;)


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