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1 Sep 21, 2010 08:13    

My b2evolution Version: v.3.3.3

I recently installed v.3.3.3 on my ixwebhosting site and got it working properly. I then decided to download some additional skins that the link on the skins page indicated was for v2 and above. Among the ones I downloaded, unzipped then uploaded to the 'skins' folder on my webhost were: Hot Air Balloons, Pixel and Good Living Blog Theme among others. After logging into my blog as the admin user, I attempted to install the newly uploaded skins. From the dashboard I went through the customize tab, then the Blog tab. On the 'Choose a skin' page I clicked on 'install new'. The page that came up next listed 'Skins available for installation' and the newly uploaded skins shown on this page said 'no skinshot available'.

When I then tried to install the newly uploaded 'Hot Air Balloons' skin for example, by clicking on 'install now' link underneath the skin title, the program after working a while, indicated the skin was installed and above that indication it showed 'no containers found in this skin'. I then went back to the 'choose a skin page double clicked on the listing for 'Hot Air Balloons', the error that came up was 'unexpected error occurred'. Also showned was this information about the problem: Additional information about this error:
'The skin [hotairballoons] set for blog [Visioning] does not exist. It must be properly set in the blog properties or properly overriden in a stub file.'

I don't know if anyone else has run into this problem, but if someone could give me an idea of what I might be doing wrong or what might be done to get the skins to install properly, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance, Nathan Stein.

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