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1 Sep 27, 2010 17:13    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered


Do you know if there is any Twitter widget ready to be used that share my tweets with blog users through a window on sidebar?

That feature is widely used on Wordpress but I've never seen it for B2. Does it exist?

2 Sep 28, 2010 01:32

I just build a widget using the Twitter "Goodies" page and plug the resulting code into a FreeHTML widget for b2evo. Works just fine. ;)

3 Sep 30, 2010 15:40

Could you share that code? Where I can find it?

4 Sep 30, 2010 17:03

Could you share that code?

Not really since the code is tailored for individual Twitter accounts.

Where I can find it?

Go to your Twitter account, find the "Goodies" link at the bottom of the page, select widgets, build the widget to suit your needs (colors, number of tweets, source of tweets, etc). Copy the resulting code... paste it into a FreeHTML widget.

5 Oct 23, 2010 21:18

I need code twister, I building my website
Could you share that code?

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6 Oct 29, 2010 15:46

I just start my website, but i don't know how to add twitter on my website.
Share me twitter code.
Please help me!

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7 Oct 29, 2010 16:02

You need to be searching on Twitter's site for how to generate your own widget code.

This code can then be pasted into a b2evo FreeHTML widget.

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