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1 Nov 03, 2010 03:32    

My b2evolution Version: 3.3.3

Ok, so I was able to get this working thanks to sam2kb but now I'm having a formatting issue. The developer of prettyPhoto provides code to allow for customization which can be found under Customization here:

Here's what I've got:

Notice it doesn't look anything like his kick@ss demos here:

Some of these customization items seem to work (slideshow timing for example) while others do not; any styling options including theme settings. For that matter, I think it's safe to say the styling without customization (this code only:

<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">

) is not working. Notice the Next and Previous tags don't show up, the close tag doesn't show up, etc. I've got everything else working per this thread: but I'd really like to get the stylizing to work properly...otherwise it just looks goofy. What am I missing? Suggestions anyone?

3 Nov 04, 2010 07:03

Ok, thanks. How did you determine that? The reason I ask is, I'm wondering what code I need to change to point to a different location for the image files? Thanks for your help...again!

4 Nov 04, 2010 14:01

I didn't dig the program's code, just checked your website.

5 Nov 04, 2010 19:01

That's what I figured but even when I do a "View Page Source" or "Inspect Element" I don't see anywhere that references what you I missing something? ...well, obviously I am...but I don't know what...

6 Nov 04, 2010 19:18

That's how I did it. There's an option in Firefox to "View Background Image" when you right-click on popped-up image border.

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