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Associated Categories Plugin

Started by on Dec 12, 2010 – Contents updated: Dec 12, 2010

Dec 12, 2010 15:14    

When you enter a post which is related to certain categories, you have to select them each time.
Ex: When you enter a post about "Metallica" you have to select "Metallica" as main cat and also "Music" & "Metal" & "More" sub categories

Storing main categories & its associated categories as a plugin option in two seperate places, one being select, one being multiple array in database and retrieve& check them via jQuery.



- Background  ----------------->level1=main category
   - Fun
      - Music  ---------------------->level2=sub category
      - Movie
   - Welcome
      - Hello
         - Hi  ---------------------->level3=sub category

Assuming the category hierarchy is like above

What i need to spit them like below


<select id="main_cats">
    <option value="2">Background</option>
    <option value="5">Welcome</option>    
    <option value="8">Fun</option>
  <select id="sub_cats" multiple="multiple">
    <option selected="selected">Music</option>
    <option value="11">Movie</option>
    <option value="14">Hello</option>
    <option value="23">Hi</option>

To have a better understanding of what i am trying to do, see screen shot below or simply clik here for demo:


Assume that i have selected "Background" main category to associate with "Hello" , "Hi" categories


var subcatarray2= jQuery("#sel_extracat_14,#sel_extracat_23,#sel_extracat_355");
jQuery( "#" + this).bind (

Jan 07, 2011 20:49

So all you want is display a dropdown of main cats and a multiple-select list of sub-cats, is that correct?

Jan 07, 2011 22:01

sam2kb wrote:

So all you want is display a dropdown of main cats and a multiple-select list of sub-cats, is that correct?

basically all i need is a "dropdown" and a "multiple select" for all categories.. store and retrieve them in array in DB in order to use in the above jquery code.

For example, when i post something about "Albert Einstein" as a "main category" (radio), i have to select "Scientist" and "German" categories as "extra category" too. To get rid of this selection each time, i want to associate them once and for all.

Feb 22, 2011 13:25

Here's the meat of this plugin. You still need to add some js


global $DB;
$blog 1// set a working blog here
$main_cats $DB->get_results('SELECT cat_ID, cat_name FROM T_categories
                                WHERE cat_blog_ID = '.$DB->quote($blog).'
                                AND cat_parent_ID IS NULL');
$extra_cats $DB->get_results('SELECT cat_ID, cat_name, cat_parent_ID FROM T_categories
                                WHERE cat_blog_ID = '.$DB->quote($blog).'
                                AND cat_parent_ID IS NOT NULL');
$Form = & new Form'admin.php''''post' );
$Form->begin_form'fform' );
$Form->hiddens_by_keyget_memorized() );
if( !empty($main_cats) )
{    // Build a dropdown
    $Form->select_input_options'qqq'$this->get_options($main_cats), '''' );
if( !empty($main_cats) )
{    // Build multiple-select menu
    $Form->select_input_options'www'$this->get_options($extra_cats), ''''array('multiple'=>'multiple') );
$Form->end_formarrayarray'value' => 'Whatever' ) ) );
function get_options$rows )
{    // Build options list
    $r '';
    foreach( $rows as $row )
        $r .= '<option ';
        if( isset($row->cat_parent_ID) )
            $r .= 'id="parentID-'.$row->cat_parent_ID.'" ';
        $r .= 'value="'.$row->cat_ID.'">'.$row->cat_name.'</option>';
    return $r;

Feb 22, 2011 13:47

thank you very much.. let me see if i can make this into a plugin.shall it succeed, i ll post back here.

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