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Started by on Jun 17, 2011 – Contents updated: Jun 17, 2011

Jun 17, 2011 15:56    

Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to call only an image present in post content without the text.

Example, if I would like to display a short list of featured post, with simply a thumb image and the title. The thumb image will be a thumb of the first image in the post.

This is similar to


// Display CONTENT (teaser only):
                                    'before'      => '',
                                    'after'       => '',
                                    'disppage'    => 1,
                                    'stripteaser' => false,
                                ) );

but only showing the first image without the content teaser. i.o.w. without text.

How can I do this?


Jun 18, 2011 10:10

If the image is attached to the post try this. I assume you already have an $Item object


if( $FileList $Item->get_attachment_FileList(50) )
{    // Get first 50 attached files and filter images
    while( $File = & $FileList->get_next() )
        if( ! $File->exists() || ! $File->is_image() ) continue;
        // Original image tag
        $original_image '<img src="'.$File->get_url().'" alt="'.$File->dget('alt''htmlattr').'" '
                        .'title="'.$File->dget('title''htmlattr').'" />';
        // Thumbnail tag
        $thumbnail $File->get_tag''NULL'''''fit-80x80''' );
        break; // we found the first image, exit the loop
    if( !empty($original_image) )
        echo 'Thumbnail'.$thumbnail;
        echo 'Original'.$original_image;

Otherwise you'll have to parse post content and extract <img> tag


preg_match'SOME FANCY REGEXP'$Item->content$match )

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