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1 Jun 18, 2011 04:59    

My site has recently been averaging ~200 unique spam comments every couple of days, and despite updating to 4.0.5., it hasn't helped. The vast majority of these comments feature unique URLs and unique messages, meaning that the blacklist is largely worthless. The Spam Karma feature does nothing.

Would it be possible to implement a mass delete feature? As in, being able to select a group of comments at once to delete, instead of having to delete them individually. Going through and deleting 200 individual comments by hand is arduous and takes up more time than I would like.

Additionally, some form of IP ban would be extremely useful.

3 Jun 18, 2011 10:29

Back on subject. I created a "Mass comments delete" plugin long time ago. It's not perfect and I don't even know if it works in b2evo 4.

I can post it if you want to play with it.

4 Jul 16, 2011 19:07

sam2kb wrote:

Back on subject. I created a "Mass comments delete" plugin long time ago. It's not perfect and I don't even know if it works in b2evo 4. I can post it if you want to play with it.

Hey, if you're still around and have that, I would LOVE to try it out. I'm currently sitting here with 1500+ comments that are about 98% spam. Fake email addresses, advertisements, off topic, the works. I'm using the current version and all that, but this is really getting out of hand.

I've searched the forums, docs, but although this question seems to be asked a lot, I don't see a concrete answer short of turning off the comments... which is my next step if I can't solve this.

Thanks in advance for any help or leads anyone can provide.


5 Jul 23, 2011 18:57

I added an option to recheck all comments against antispam blacklist in b2evo 4.1.0. Do you have antispam blacklist enabled at all?

I will post the plugin later.

6 Sep 10, 2011 22:02

b2evo 4.1 allows you to delete spam comments with ONE click per comment.

If you need less than one click per comment, then you need to add blacklisted string to your antispam blacklist and you'll have the option to delete all matching comments.

Does that fulfill your mass deletion desires? ;)

8 Mar 18, 2012 01:01

When asking is there a way to Mass Delete comments from b2evo...the short answer is 'no'. The actual answer is yes...if you know how to use phpMyAdmin to get into your database. From within the database you set the blog up with go to the comments table. Next check any comments you would like to delete and delete them all at once...please be careful and create a backup of the db first to be on the safe side...anyway that's how I do it.

9 Mar 23, 2012 14:34

You can do want you want with a small change to 2 files.


Search for T_comment around line 105 (version 4.1.3) open a new line above the "ORDER BY" clause and enter:

OR comment_author_IP = '.$DB->quote($keyword).'


Search for "select banned comments" around line 105 (spooky!) open a line below "$keyword_cond = " and enter:

OR comment_author_IP = '.$DB->quote($keyword).'

This will check the keyword against the commenter IP address and will allow you to use antispam in the same way as normal.

10 May 15, 2012 09:09

@fplanque: for example, which string can be use to delete all comment generated by the tool "Create sample comments for testing moderation" ?

11 May 15, 2012 09:25

Delete 20 comments from #500 to #520

DELETE FROM evo_comments WHERE comment_ID > 500 AND comment_ID < 520

Delete all comments posted at May 9th 2012

DELETE FROM evo_comments WHERE comment_date LIKE "2012-05-09%"

12 Aug 19, 2013 09:21

If we delete the whole entry which was hit by spam comments, will it clear all the whole mass of comment from the database? I'm thinking of re-write the post for those badly hit by thousands of comments.

13 Aug 21, 2013 02:06

Yes it should work.
Alternatively, in v5 there is a feature to delete all new (draft) comments (without needing to delete your post)

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