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1 Jul 23, 2013 04:46    

Sorry that I'm not a fluent english speaking, I will try to explain as well as I'll can.

I'm not really the best programmer in PHP, I know it enough for the basics and to modify lightly an existing application, so it is not easy for me to integrate b2evo in my existing sites.

The problem I run in is that there is too much functionnalities implemented in the header/footer sections that are driven with functions that are, for some, really complex. This is a good thing because it make b2evo a very robust application but not easy to adjust. My own PHP sites are build in the same way, with a header & footer to set the common design of all pages, and a core (body part) that contains the specific part of each page.

For example, this experimental site, where the applications "guestbook" and "calendar" are third-pary apps but very easy to integrate. The "notes" link jumps to a b2evo sub-site, but as it appears I couldn't adapt it to keep the same look than the global site.

The idea is to have a b2evo version, or a b2evo skin, where the header / footer part are empty or very light, and the dashboard & blogs links bars come to the top of the core part, under the header. This is only for the public part of the site, not for the dashboard part.

2 23 Jul 2013 05:13

Have you looked at a_noskin.php ?

3 23 Jul 2013 06:18

Yes, but, as said in its presentation, "You only need to use this file for advanced use/customization of b2evolution". The purpose here is to make a non-advanced customization, something easy to use and configure, with no more than define the type and basic size of the font, left or right sidebar...

4 23 Jul 2013 08:36

Anyway, I really don't understant how to set a "non skinned blog" if not done when installing. There is no information in the a_noskin.php comments to explain the way to do it.

5 03 Aoû 2013 02:31

At the beginning of a_noskin you should see sth like

$blog = 1;

Put the ID of your blog in there and then you will have then contents of your blog on that page, which you can customize.

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