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[4.0.5] Preview date is backwards

Started by on Aug 03, 2011 – Contents updated: Aug 03, 2011

Aug 03, 2011 15:09    

Click the "Write" line.
Enter a Title.
Enter some text in the body.
This is a new post so the Properties->Issue Date is set to "Update to NOW".

The (actual) time now is 13:30 on 3 Aug 2011 and the "Set to:" box reads "08/03/11 13:30". Clicking in the "Set to" box opens the jQuery calendar pane which displays the correct date of 3 Aug 2011.

When I click "Preview" the preview post displays the date as "March 8th".
If I publish the date is set correctly to "August 3rd".

This behaviour is also exhibited when editing a post.

Aug 03, 2011 17:52

I can't reproduce it in v4.1-dev
Will check the other install...

Aug 19, 2011 16:37

have you confirmed the problem in 4.0.x?

Sep 10, 2011 21:12

I can confirm that. We'll fix it.
Preview always displays whatever is in the set to fields.

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