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Started by on Oct 04, 2011 – Contents updated: Oct 04, 2011

1 Oct 04, 2011 12:19    

Given the text:
"I don’t expect these companies are pouring money into R&D to design the latest bags; market research isn’t that expensive and because it’s fashion, what ever they say the latest fashion is - then that’s what it is."

The preview and the published page write R&amp<smiley>. I have to write "R & D" in order for it to spot that there is an ampersand. If I write "R&amp;D" it still gets it wrong.

It looks like there is a precedence issue where the thing that spots smilies runs before the thing that converts ampersand codes into characters.

2 Oct 04, 2011 17:46

Just disable smilies for this particular post, there's a checkbox for it.

This is not a bug but rather a normal behavior everyone would expect with enabled smilies.

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