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1 Sep 10, 2004 11:04    

So my company has something on blogspot that I've managed to convince them to switch to b2evo. For some odd reason, I thought there would be an easy to export from blogger into b2evo, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Has anyone had success with this?

I can get a nice simple text format of posts from blogger like so:

AUTHOR: [author name]
DATE: 9/6/2004 12:16:40 PM
laa laa laa

... but can't figure out how to import it. I played with the MT import facility as it seems close to the MT export format but no dice. Is there some easy way to use the MT import bit to get the stuff into a fresh spanking new db on b2?

2 Sep 10, 2004 12:42

Okay: so I sort-of figured out the import. The format I was using was pretty much correct but there cannot be *any* blank lines in the import file and the blogger export was creating one. I can use the MT import facility to get the posts into the blog and it confirms that it has done this successfully, but they do *not* show up. Not in the category I mapped them to and not in any other category. I can't see them in the target blog and I can't see them in the Blog All blog. I can see them in mysql but they're not coming up. The user I mapped them to exists and has all the usual permissions in the blog...

Am I missing something obvious? Everything was successful in the import but I can see no posts...

3 Sep 10, 2004 12:56

Oooooooookay.... here's the thing: none of the posts were showing up because none of them had been given a post_status. Not just not given a post_status of published, but not given a post_status full stop. That whole column in mysql was blank. So I had to go in and do a mysql update to add 'published' to each post_status et voila: all my posts.

Is that a bug? Or just something screwy that happened to me?

One of these days, I will post something to these forums which I do not end up answering myself...

4 Sep 11, 2004 13:10

How did you get your blogger template to output to the correct format? A tutorial listing all the steps needed to import blogger into b2evo would help loads of people.

5 Sep 11, 2004 23:18

How did you get your blogger template to output to the correct format?

Good question... I can't recall where I saw the thing to begin with (I think it may have been on a Userland <> MT conversion page, but you need a special format for Blogger posts. I'll try and put together a tutorial on this...

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